October Updates

October Updates

Just a quick line to let you know what I’ve been up to these past few months!

I attended two of my exhibitions – one in Melbourne’s Manyung Gallery and the other at Mount Isa’s Outback at Isa. While it’s nerve-wracking leading up to the opening nights, its great fun to meet new people and get to hear feedback regarding my artworks. I also got to travel to Melbourne by myself (my dear grandma took the kids for me) which I LOVED. I love travelling (by myself/child-free!!) and I yearn to do it quite often. I’m hoping next year to travel to some exotic location by the ocean somewhere! 🙂

I have also joined up with a couple of new galleries where my works seem to be doing well so far. I was hoping to have an easy October to develop my rainforest style but I won’t have as much time as I hoped as I have to keep up with supplying all galleries with new works!

Update regarding the Calendars – Steven (the publisher) has informed me that he is on his last two boxes so if you havent got one yet you better be quick!! Find them here.

Goodnight – I’m off to bed now!

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