June News

June News

Today I finished the last of my paintings for the Manyung Gallery.

I sort of left that one a bit late, having only started a couple of months ago. I really had to push myself to finish it off. I got my mum to come and stay with us and help me out. It was a real blessing to just concentrate on painting instead of worrying about cleaning the house, washing, and feeding the kids. I am blessed with a mum like mine. She is the most unselfish, generous and loving person I know.

If you are in Melbourne on the 3rd of July, please pop in to the Manyung Gallery at Mt Eliza for the opening night or afterwards – the group exhibition runs until the 31st of July. This will be my first time in Melbourne. Can you believe I have been sending art down to the Manyung for the last 5 years and have never gone down?? I am somewhat shy and don’t like to be the centre of attention and one does get a lot of attention on an opening night, so if I can avoid going I most likely will get out of it. But having said that, I really do need to go down and finally meet the wonderful people who run the gallery so my flights are booked and it is happening. Hope to see you there!

Next week I start the rest of the paintings for my solo exhibition “From Mirages to Rainbows” at Outback at Isa. I so called it because to me the outback is a stark constrast between the dry season (when one often sees mirages!) and the wet season (hence the rainbows!) and having spent the majority of my life in the Outback and experiencing those conditions, it has come through on my canvases and I thought it a suitable name. So I am really looking forward to going back out to Mount Isa again! Having being born there, it always feels like home when I come back.

On a final note, the calendars are published and I reckon they look great for the first lot! Check them out here.

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