It’s already May

It’s already May

Woah! Its been two months now since I last posted any updates!

I’ve been very busy painting, trying to discipline myself to do the majority of my work in the daytime now that both of my children are at school. There’s a Mel Gibson Braveheart cheer in my head every time I drop them off of “Freedom!!!!” I am enjoying each stage of their childhood but its nice to have the time by myself to work.

I have been working with Steven Nowakowski on producing a calendar for 2016. I saw the colour proofs a couple of weeks ago and it is looking fantastic. I’m so excited to see the finished product! I forget when they hit the shelves but will post on my Facebook page when they are available. I’ve also joined a few new galleries and have/will be sending new works to them soon – again, I will post on Facebook again when that happens.

Now I have to get busy on my two upcoming exhibitions. I’m looking forward to painting for them but at the same time, wary. I’ve noticed that when I’m under prolonged pressure, while I’m proud of what I produce, I get really emotionally and mentally drained and suffer depression. The last time this happened I got help from my wonderful Aunt Joann who suggested I get someone in to help with my large yard and help with the housework. And so I did – and it was such a huge weight off my shoulders!! So this time coming up I will get someone to help me out so I can stay on top of things!

Until next time, have a great weekend! I’m back to painting again and a cuddle or two with our new puppy, Dundee!


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