From my favourite writer....... "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"  Thomas Merton (1915-1968)

But before I start, it's proper that I first acknowledge Country, Spirit and Ancestors, past and present and ongoing.  I pay my respects to Mamu and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across this nation, and Elders everywhere.

It's been quite the journey since I held my very first exhibition at Mount Isa's Outback Gallery in 2005.  Same as mystic monk Merton wrote, art for me too has been a very personal journey, having been a place I find personal growth and solace in.  Lots of stories about Spirit inside stories about Country, and Art is my way of telling them more widely.

Welcome to you.  I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio musings.  

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October Updates07/10/15

What's been happening lately...

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